Parking Structure

Parking is available in the parking facility located at 919 Albany Street.

Students may obtain parking privileges by completing the Parking App which will be electronically mailed to continuing students beginning in mid-July and in late July for new incoming students. The Parking Form will be made active when the registration period is open.  Students who do not complete the parking form by the deadline must do so in the Campus Operations Office, during the first week of school.  The parking form must be completed by all students to indicate whether or not they want parking.  If continuing students do not respond, their parking card will be deactivated from the system.  If you will be taking public transportation, you should indicate "No Parking" on your form which will update your online record and complete the process.

The parking fee is $348.00 per semester (10% City parking tax included) and will be billed to the student's account at the beginning of each new semester. PARKING FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If a student elects parking in the Fall semester, it will be automatically renewed for the Spring semester and charged to his/her account. A student who does not elect parking must advise the Campus Operations Office in writing by August for the Fall semester and in January for the Spring semester. Any changes to a student's parking status must be in writing and filed with the Campus Operations Office, by the appropriate aforementioned dates for that semester.

Please complete the parking registration form by the appropriate deadline so you will be able to access the parking facility on the first day of class.

Change of Vehicle Information should be reported on the parking form or by emailing the new vehicle information to Campus Operations.

Students may park in all spaces except:

a. Reserved - which are designated for Faculty and Staff
b. Carpool (unless registered for carpool through Campus Operations)

c. Motorcycle area (motorcycles exempt)
d. Disabled (blue coded)

Student Parking Access and Validation Policy

  • All students who pay for continuous parking in the LLS parking structure are required to have a valid parking card issued by the Campus Operations Office. Card swipes are used not only for access control but also to monitor who is on campus at any given time for security and emergency purposes.
  • All students without a parking card will have to pull a ticket upon entering the parking structure.  The daily parking rate is $9.00.  Payment for parking is only by credit card (Mastercard, Visa and Discover) upon exit.
  • In the event that a student forgets his/her parking card, he/she should press the intercom and tell security that they left their card at home (or whatever the situation may be).  This can be done for two consecutive days only and up to three times per semester. After two consecutive days or after three occurrences per semester, the student will pay the daily rate of $9.00 for parking.  If the student has lost their parking card, the replacement cost is $25.00 and is payable in cash or by check at the time the new card is issued in the Campus Operations Office.  Students should make every effort to replace their lost parking card as soon as they discover that they no longer have it in their possession.
  • Any student who pulls a ticket and does not get a validation must pay the daily rate of $9.00 with a credit card at the time they exit the parking structure.

Disabled Parking. Parking spaces are available for disabled members of the Law School community. To park or enter these spaces, a special placard must be obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles or AAA and must be displayed at all times. Under California law, there can be no exceptions to this policy; otherwise, Loyola Law School would be cited by local authorities accordingly. Anyone parking a vehicle in the disabled area must also have a valid Law School parking card or must pay the daily parking rate.

Motorcycle Parking. A limited number of special motorcycle parking spaces are available. The parking fee for these spaces is $216.00 per semester, including city tax. All parking rules apply. Motorcycle parking stickers will be provided and must be prominently displayed on the motorcycle. Take extra care when entering and exiting the parking gates.  As with regular parking, a spot is not guaranteed and subject to availability at the time of parking. Should someone with a motorcycle permit desire to also park a car, they must either purchase a full price parking permit or pay the daily parking rate on the days they park a car. A document indicating the location of the designated motorcycle parking spots will be provided by the Campus Operations Office when the permit is purchased. These spots are also specifically marked as such in the parking garage. A $50 ticket will be issued to any unregistered motorcycle found parked in the garage or to a motorcycle parking in any spot other than those marked as motorcycle parking.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

  • A limited number of EV Charging locations are available on level 1 and level B1 of the parking garage.
  • Please handle the charging cables carefully and return them to the correct position on the charging unit.  The cable should never be tightly wound around the charging unit housing.
  • There is a four (4) hour maximum per day of charging.  We will not stipulate a specific four (4) hour period as to when an electric vehicle can plug in; but will rely on the honor system for compliance unless that causes problems and/or complaints.  Security will monitor and citations will be issued as appropriate. 
  • Please send in your name, cell phone # and vehicle information to the Campus Operations Office (License #, Color, Make & model).

The no overnight parking policy will remain in effect for all parking spaces. 

Vehicle Size Limitations. All vehicles must be no larger than 80 inches wide, 223 inches long and 78 inches high. Due to space limitations, the Parking Structure cannot accommodate vehicles in excess of these dimensions.

Citations. Parking citations, other than moving violations, are confirmed by photograph:


Parking over line $50.00
Unauthorized Parking in Carpool Area before 11 a.m. $50.00
Unauthorized Parking in Faculty Area $50.00
Parking in Loading Dock $50.00
Parking in Disabled (blue coded) Area (LLS violation) $50.00
The City of L.A. will also cite for parking in a disabled space.  
Moving Violation


Unauthorized Motorcycle Parking $50.00

Citation appeals must be in writing within 5 business days to the Campus Operations Office. Citations are to be paid at the Cashier's Office.

"Warnings" are only issued during the first two weeks of each new semester.             

Handicapped Warnings are issued once if the placard isn't properly displayed and/or your vehicle is not properly registered with the Campus Operations Office.

Moving Violations. The maximum speed limit in the parking facility is 5 m.p.h.
Individuals exhibiting excessive speed will be cited accordingly. The penalty for exceeding the 5 m.p.h. speed limit is $50.00.

Responsibility For Citations and Moving Violations. The person to whom a vehicle is registered on-campus shall be responsible for any liability or damage claims, including parking and/or other traffic regulation citation penalties arising in connection with the possession and/or operation of the vehicle on campus.

Towing of Vehicles. Any vehicle parked in the parking facility in violation of Loyola Law School regulations, the California Vehicle Code or the Traffic and Fire Code of the City of Los Angeles, or registered vehicles with three or more unpaid citations will be towed from that location and impounded. The vehicle will be taken to such place for storage as the Loyola Law School Campus Operations Office may select. Prior to the vehicle being released, the expense of such impoundment and storage shall be paid by the owner or operator of the vehicle.

Loyola Law School and its employees shall not be held liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from towing, impounding, or storage.

Liability. Loyola Law School is not responsible for and assumes no liability for damage or theft of any vehicle or its contents. Vehicles should be locked with valuables removed or out of sight.  Vehicles are not to park overnight at any time.

As part of the consideration for the parking services furnished, students confirm and agree to the following statement:

"I agree to pay Loyola Law School all of the amount(s) for which I am liable/responsible by the appropriate due date(s) and any late fees that I may incur. I understand that if I elect to park in the parking facility and pay the parking fee in the Fall semester, I will automatically be charged the parking fee in the Spring semester unless otherwise specified."

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