Faculty Research Assistant Positions


Dean Michael Waterstone is looking for Part-time Research Assistant during the summer to research issues around disability law and policy, including overlaps with health care and technology. Interested students should send their resumes to Dean Michael Waterstone at michael.waterstone@lls.edu

 Prof. Jean Boylan is Looking for Research Assistant--Ethics/Professional Responsibility

 Prof. Boylan is looking for an R.A. for this Summer, approximately 20 hrs/week. Strong research, writing, editing and bluebook skills are needed. First year students may apply. Interested students should submit resume and cover e-mail to Prof. Boylan at jean.boylan@lls.edu.

 Prof. Dougherty Looking for Research Assistant/Entertainment, Media & IP Law

Prof. Dougherty is looking for an R.A. for this Summer, approximately 20 hrs/week.  Strong research, writing, editing and bluebook skills are needed.  Law review experience is a plus, but other evidence of those skills would also be considered.  Prof. Dougherty is working on several research/writing projects, involving copyright issues and motion pictures.  Interested students should submit resume and cover e-mail to Prof. Dougherty.

Professor Chris Hawthorne is seeking a Research Assistant for summer 2017 to investigate and compile data on juveniles from Los Angeles County who are serving long prison sentences.  Ability to do extensive online research, including Public Records Act requests, would be very helpful, as would interest in issues of mass incarceration in California.  Please send a resume to him at hawthorc@lls.edu.  

 Professor Carlos Berdejo is looking for one or two part-time research assistants for the summer to assist in two projects.  The first project is an empirical study on racial disparities in criminal sentencing.  The second project relates to state ownership of businesses in the United States.  Interested students should submit their resumé to carlos.berdejo@lls.edu."

Associate Dean Brietta Clark is looking for Part-time Research Assistant during the summer to research health law issues. Students will help me track judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments relating to the ACA and/or potential replacements. Particular areas of focus will include Medicaid and private insurance access, reproductive and sexual health care, and mental health care. Interested students should send their resumes to Associate Dean Clark at Brietta.Clark@lls.edu

Professor Justin Levitt is seeking a research assistant for Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 to help with various research projects regarding election law (including redistricting and election administration).  Experience in web design will also be welcome -- and applicants should note this experience -- but is not in any way a prerequisite.   Interested applicants should send a resume, transcript, and brief writing sample to justin.levitt@lls.edu.

 Professors Ides and Grossi are conducting a study on pleadings and motion practice, and they are seeking 6 RAs, 3 each, to hire ASAP. If hired as RA on this project, you will be required to assess the application of the plausibility standard as articulated by the Court in Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, 550 U.S. 544 (2007), and Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 556 U.S. 662 (2009), from 2009 to today, in motive, intent, and conspiracy cases. You will be required to carefully read and analyze the relevant cases, and then report your findings using the table below. Your table/report shall not paraphrase, but report verbatim (cut & paste) the relevant passage in the analyzed opinions, and it shall provide the relevant citation. You will be required to report the result of your research to Professors Ides and Grossi weekly. If you are interested in participating in this study, please send an email to simona.grossi@lls.edu and allan.ides@lls.edu indicating your interest, reason for your interest, relevant experience, civil procedure class taken, grade, and providing a copy of your resume and transcripts. If pre-selected on the basis of your application, you will be required to submit a first report. You will be hired if the report meets the needs and standards of the work.


Case citation

Facts of the case

Relevant allegations in P’s complaint

Relevant arguments in D’s Rule 12(b)(6) motion

Court’s order and grounds







The Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic ("LIJC") is currently accepting applications for research assistants! LIJC is a partnership project of LMU, LLS, Homeboy Industries and Dolores Mission that focuses on providing representation to individuals who are unable to obtain immigration legal services elsewhere with an emphasis on immigrants located in the East LA area. LIJC Research Assistants will help with a variety of different immigration cases, client follow-up and research on substantive immigration law issues. Some Spanish language capability is preferred. Hours are flexible. We are seeking up to 3 RAs. Please send your resume and a short statement of interest to: lijc@lls.edu 



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