Faculty Research Assistant Positions


Professor Katherine Perez, Director of the Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy, and Innovation, seeks to hire 2 research assistants for Summer 2019.  The RA will assist Professor Perez on research related to disability law and policy and assist in the development of Coelho Center initiatives.  Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter explaining their interest and qualifications for this position to Katherine.Perez@lls.edu with the subject header “Summer 2019 Coelho Center RA”.  RA work is part-time and can be performed off campus at times convenient for the RA.  The RA will have an orientation with Professor Perez and set-up regular in-person check-ins.

Professor Stanley Goldman is hiring a research assistant for summer 2019.  RA will help with follow-up research of his most recent book.  RA work can be part-time.  Research can be performed off-campus, with occasional meetings on campus at a time convenient for the RA.  Applicants should send a resume to  Stanley.Goldman@lls.edu with the subject heading “Summer RA Position.”


Prof. Sean Scott is looking for a research assistant this fall to work on a project involving the contract doctrine of minority incapacity.  Please email Prof. Scott at sean.scott@lls.edu if you are interested. 

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