Faculty Research Assistant Positions


Professor Rebecca Delfino is seeking to hire 2-3 research assistants for Summer 2018. The RAs will assist Professor Delfino on scholarship legal on an emerging issue involving the intersection of tort law, the first amendment and the Internet and assist with research on projects in the area of appellate law, criminal procedure, California civil procedure and the judicial branch. If interested, please email cover letter, resume, writing sample and transcript to Rebecca.Delfino@lls.edu

Professor Jean Boylan is seeking a research assistant for  summer to help with various research projects regarding Ethics and Legal Writing. Interested applicants should send a resume, transcript, and brief writing sample to jean.boylan@lls.edu. 

Professor Katie Pratt is hiring research assistants for this summer. RAs will help with: (1) research for a law review article that will compare two approaches to assist poor Americans, (a) the Earned Income Tax Credit and (b) Universal Basic Income; (2) editing a law review article on the medical expense deduction; and (3) research to update Prof. Pratt’s income tax book, Federal Income Tax: Examples & Explanations. RA work can be part-time. Research can be performed off-campus, with occasional meetings on campus at a time convenient for the RA. RAs will receive specialized tax research training. Interested students should send their resumes to katherine.pratt@lls.edu. Anyone with an interest in tax (including 1Ls and 1Es) can apply. Prof. Pratt usually hires students who have completed an introductory income tax class (i.e., the first-year income tax elective or Income Taxation I) or have a tax or accounting background. Applicants should send a resume to prattk@lls.edu with the subject heading “Summer RA Position.” 

Professor Hiro Aragaki is looking for a research assistant for the summer to help with legal research on mediation and international/comparative law topics, as well as with organizing teaching materials, data entry, and putting together a website.
Interested candidates should:

  • indicate the name of his/her first year legal writing instructor & grade for class;
  • indicate what other commitments or positions he/she expect to have during the period of the RA-ship (e.g., externships, clinics);
  • send a resume to hiro.aragaki@lls.edu

Transcript is NOT required.  Candidates will be chosen on a rolling basis so please apply early if you are interested. 

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