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This page contains answers to some common questions on myTime, the time sheet data entry program now in use at the Law School.

myTime Basics

  • What is myTime?
    myTime is the new timecard/payroll system being used by the University and Law School. Available online for both staff and students, it significantly decreases manual processes. It is also much easier to use than eTime.
  • Where can I get assistance on how to use myTime?
    Assistance is available by contacting the Super User in your department or contacting Payroll. To see a list of Super Users, click here.
  • I need a copy of the handout I received by email after myTime training. Where can I get one?
    Click on the links below:
  • I don't remember what my password for myTime is. How can I get it?
    You can reset your password by going to and clicking the reset your password button. If you need additional assistance, please contact the ITD Helpdesk at ext. 1097.

Other issues...

  • How do I get rid of a line of entry?
    Click the small drop-down arrow next to the Add Row green plus sign (+), and select Delete Row.
  • How do I submit my time sheet for approval?
    Click the Submit button next to the Save button on your timesheet. This will send your timesheet to your supervisor for approval.
  • How do I record my time when I have both hours worked and a sick or vacation period on the same day?
    You can add as many rows as you need by clicking on the green plus sign (+). Enter all hours worked on one or two rows. Then, select the appropriate pay code from the Pay Code drop-down menu and enter the number of hours in the Hours column. Make sure to Save your timesheet.
  • What if I am not on campus the day time sheets are due?
    You can log in to myTime from anywhere you have Internet access, so you can complete your timesheet remotely. If you will not have Internet access, be sure to let your supervisor know to complete your timesheet for you.
  • I see an Exception on my timesheet. What does it mean?
    Exceptions occur for various reasons on timesheets. White exceptions are "FYI" exceptions that may or may not need to be acknowledged by clicking on the checkbox next to the exception and saving the timesheet. Yellow exceptions are warnings that may need to be corrected. Red exceptions are severe warnings that usually require the timesheet to be modified. For clarification, contact your department's Super User.
  • There is a school holiday on my flex day off. How do I record my time?
    See your supervisor.
  • I don't have enough accrued sick or vacation leave to get paid for time I am claiming. How should I record that sick or vacation time on my myTime time sheet?
    myTime will pay for the hours recorded. Enter the sick and/or vacation hours you have available. To check your balances, click on the Time off Balance tab on your timesheet.

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