Holiday Schedule 2018-2019

Loyola Law School Staff Holiday Schedule - June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019

DateDay of the WeekHoliday/Leave Day
7/4/2018 Wednesday Independence Day
9/3/2018 Monday Labor Day
11/22/2018 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
11/23/2018 Friday Day after Thanksgiving
12/24/2018 Monday Christmas Eve
12/25/2018 Tuesday Christmas Day
12/26/2018 Wednesday Christmas Leave
12/27/2018 Thursday Christmas Leave
12/28/2018 Friday Christmas Leave
12/31/2018 Monday Christmas Leave
1/1/2019 Tuesday New Year's Day
1/2/2019 Wednesday Christmas Leave
1/21/2019 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
3/8/2019 Friday Spring Break
4/1/2019 Monday Cesar Chavez Holiday
4/19/2019 Friday Good Friday
5/27/2019 Monday Memorial Day

Note: As staff members are aware, some staff are required to work on a holiday. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the employee to discuss with the supervisor, in advance, the date on which s/he wishes to take that holiday. This allows the supervisor to ensure adequate work coverage before approving the proposed absence(s).

Please refer to the policies entitled HOLIDAYS, OVERTIME, AND TIME RECORDS in the Staff Policy Manual for other policies governing holidays and leave days.

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