All About Passwords

The Identity Management system (IDM) is a central authentication server. 

Access to the services listed below use the login / password combination that you manage with the IDM system. The format for this system is your short login name (i.e., John Doe would have a login of: doej), and the password you set up in IDM. Details on how to format your password are located on the IDM web page:

Lastly, when you set up your IDM password, you will creat 5 challenge questions so you can retrieve your password should you forget it. The Information Technology Department personnel cannot retrieve your password for you; instead, follow the "Forgot your password?" instructions below. 

Forgot your password?

Go to the IDM web page ( and click on Forgot Password. Answer your challenge questions to reset your password.

You can use your IDM login & password to access these services:


Non-IDM Passwords:

The services listed below are available to the Law School employees, but have not yet been linked to the IDM system. These services require you change those passwords within the application, or by contacting the Help Desk:

  • T4 Website Access
  • Docushare
  • TimeMatters
  • Your Desktop or Laptop PC
    • To change your password on the PC, simply hit CONTROL-ALT-DELETE on your keyboard, and you will see the screen blow: Simply click on "Change a password...