Wireless (WiFi) Access

Wireless (WiFi) Access at Loyola Law School

There are two wireless networks available at the Law School:

LLS Secure:

All Staff, Students and Faculty should use this network whenever possible. It is more secure, has access to more resources, and this network has priority over the Guest network with regard to speed.

Connecting to this network is a two-step process: 

  1. To Join this network, you'll need to enter a connection code: albany919
  2. Next, use your IDM credentials to access the network.

Once you've established a connection, it will be maintained for one month before you have to re-enter your login credentials.


All guests of LLS can register to access this network upon arrival at the Law School. Staff and Faculty can use the instructions below to get their guests connected to the wireless network. 

As of January 15, 2013, the Connection password for Guest_of_LLS is: loyola50

Procedure for logging into the Guest Wireless Network

 Step 1:

  1. Connect to the the Guest_of_LLS network.
  2. Enter the "Connection" password, listed above. This allows you to connect Guest_of_LLS, but you still need to register.
  3. Open an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox)
  4. Click on “Click here to Request an Account”: 

Step 2:

  1. Enter your name and email address.
  2. Check the box for "terms of use."
  3. Click "Register"
  4. You will now receive a Visitor Password: Copy this password for Step 3 below.

Step 3

  1. Open your web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and you will be presented with a Login Page.
  2. Use the name & password you set up in Step 2 for access.

Guest access will be accessible for 5 days, at which time you will need to repeat steps 1-3 above.