Student Certificate of Appreciation

Orders must be placed before March 1st. Orders are being accepted now!

Group orders only -- no individual orders. If you are not an assigned representative of a student group, please do not submit this form.

Every year, Loyola Law School provides student organizations and the three law reviews with the opportunity to order certificates of appreciation, designed to recognize the service of officers and editors, and members and staff writers. The certificates are provided compliments of Loyola Law School, and are delivered personalized with your name, the name or your organization/law review, and your title within the organization/law review. The certificates are imprinted with school’s seal (gold-embossed), and printed on 8 ½” x 11” parchment.

Place your order using these five easy steps.

Step 1: Gather Names. Prepare the List.

The president or the editor-in-chief (or an assigned representative) prepares the order first by gathering names. The following Loyola Law School students are eligible for certificates of appreciation:

  1. All “graduating” members of LLS student organizations (exclude non-graduating members);
  2. All officers of LLS student organizations, graduating or not;
  3. All editors and staff writers for the three LLS law reviews, and
  4. All officers and members of the LLS St. Thomas More Law Honor Society.

Make sure to check the spelling. Double-check that you have included the names of all qualified persons. For example, former members of the law reviews who are now graduating should receive a certificate. A member of your organization who has paid his/her membership fees, but may not be an active participant, also should receive a certificate.

Step 2: Download Certificates Order Form (Excel Format)

  • Download the form here and fill out by adding all qualified names to the spreadsheet.
  • Save the spreadsheet (assign the document with the initials of the student organization, i.e., ILS) and email as an attachment to: Rocio Cabrera Student Affairs.

You must place your order by March 1st.

(List the name only once as it will appear on the certificate-Do Not Abbreviate)
(Designated person authorized to sign certificates-1 person only)
(i.e., President, Chair, EIC)
(First Name, M. I., Last Name-No Nicknames)
(i.e., President, Editor, Member, Staff Writer-Do Not Abbreviate)
American Constitution Society John Q. Public President John Q. Public President
      Jane E. Doe Vice President
      Jerry S. Handy Treasurer
      Polly Graph Member

Can I Submit a Hard Copy?
No.  Handwritten or typed requests received in any manner (fax or mail) will not be accepted. Only orders submitted through the Certificates of Apprectiation Order Form will be accepted.

Step 3: Wait One to Three Weeks for Your Order

Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Processing varies from one to three weeks. For your information, end-of-year gatherings provide the ideal (and convenient) opportunity for the distribution of certificates to officers, editors, and members.

What If I Order Late? 
If you place your order after the deadline, your order will be processed, but each certificate may need to be mailed to the respective students’ homes during June … delivery in April or May cannot be assured.

Whom Do I Contact About the Status of My Order?
If you have questions about your order, or would like to know about its production status, please contact Rocio Cabrerain, Office of Student Affairs, (213) 736-8151 or

Step 4: Pick Up Your Order from the Office of Student Affairs

You will be notified about the order’s completion via email from Rocio Cabrera, Office of Student Affairs. The certificates will be available for pick up at the Office of Student Affairs, Founders Hall Room 107.  The completed certificates will not be left at the Information or in your mailbox due to the size and fragile nature of the forms. The Office of Student Affairs is open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm. Friday hours are 10am to 4pm.

Before Distribution – Get Signatures from Designated Officials 
Upon picking up your order, you have one final step to complete before distributing the certificates, you will need to have them signed (in black ink) by the designated official. They will have already been signed by Dean Michael Waterstone.

Step 5: Distribute!

Other Facts Worth Noting

  • The date on each certificate is the date of Commencement.
  • There are two signatures on your certificate, that of the Dean, and that of a designated official.
  • The spelling of names will be formal.  For example, “Jim Alexander Johnson” will be “James A. Johnson, Jr.”  In most cases, the initials for middle names will be used.
  • Your certificates will not arrive in individual folders or frames.  They will be packaged as one bundle. The mounting/packaging of certificates is a matter for the journal or organization to handle.

If There is a Problem with Your Order

While great care is taken in the preparation of certificates, problems such as typos do occur from time to time. Also, you might need to add additional names to your order before or after it has been delivered.  If you need assistance with placing your order, or need corrections or additions made to your order, please notify Rocio Cabrera as soon as possible, and your request will be accommodated.

If there is a problem with your order, you will be notified by email.

Thank you in advance for your order.

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