Each active Loyola Law School student organization has a simple page on the LLS web site. Although small, these pages will be very helpful in demonstrating the variety and diversity of student groups on campus. Each page also includes a general email address for the group and may include a link to a group website. These officially sponsored pages will be updated every fall.

Privately Hosted Websites

If your group would like to use the web to communicate more details such as events or meeting notes, please feel free to do so. The Law School does not provide website space beyond the introductory pages mentioned above, because there is not sufficient web staff to provide this service in support of all the student groups. Free websites abound on the Internet, but if you wish to avoid popup ads and other annoyances, you'll need a paid service. (It is expected that a dedicated website, with available technical support, no popup ads and a variety of services, would cost $70-125 per year.)

When you have a completed site, email the web address to Student Affairs, studentaffairs@lls.edu, to have the link added to your group's introductory page.

To assist with creating professional-looking sites, the Web Administration Office will develop and distribute templates for Student Group use. These templates will be professionally designed, easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate most groups' needs. Their use will be optional, so those groups that have already invested in design will not have to discard their efforts.

Website Development Rules

The Law School does impose several rules on student group website development, however:

  1. The site must be kept current (else the link from the LLS page will be removed).
  2. All LLS Acceptable Use Policy guidelines apply to web content, even if it is not on Law School web servers.
  3. The Student Group Website must include the following Law School-provided disclaimer on the Student Group Home Page in a visible location (disclaimers like this are typically at the bottom of a Home Page):
    • This is not an official Loyola Law School website, and Loyola Law School does not offer, endorse, recommend or guarantee these products or services. The organization and its website provider are responsible for the content and system availability of this website.
  4. Please be aware of copyright limitations, particularly limitations in the use of Law School logos, photographs graphics etc.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact info@lls.edu or the Office of Student Affairs.

Student Affairs

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Our Staff

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Matthew D. Riojas
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