Carpooling to school not only reduces inconvenience and helps the environment, but can save money on gas, car repairs, tune ups, and general wear and tear on an individual's car. 

In order to park in the carpool area, at least two Law School students must commute together to the Law School and must register with Campus Planning as Carpool participants during the first week of each new semester. Carpool partners cannot purchase individual parking permits.  Within each carpool, only one Student Parking Card will be activated for parking facility access.

Each member of the carpool must fill out an actual Carpool Registration Form in Campus Planning, during the first week of the fall semester and during the first week of every semester thereafter if they wish to continue to carpool in subsequent semesters.

After the carpool application is on file in Campus Planning, carpoolers will receive a special decal which must be displayed when parked in the designated carpool area during the specified times. The color of the carpool decal changes with each new semester and expires at the end of the current semester.

During the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., parking in the CARPOOL spaces will be restricted to vehicles displaying a valid Carpool decal. Vehicles parked during the restricted hours without the Carpool parking decal will be cited and fined.  After 11 a.m., parking in the Carpool spaces will be opened on a first-come, first-served basis to any vehicle with a valid parking decal.

If a carpooler, who does not own the activated parking card, is unable to drive with his/her carpool partner(s) at any time, that student may park in the parking facility by paying the daily rate or purchasing special carpool parking tickets at a reduced rate as specified in the TIP program. These tickets are available in Campus Planning. A student who is registered in the carpool program may not park in the carpool spaces during the restricted hours when driving solo.

First year students, in particular, will find it easier to locate a carpool partner after they meet with their section during the first week of classes. First year students should fill out the on-line parking form by the deadline and indicate that they want parking. After a carpool partner is located, both students should go to Campus Planning to fill out the application and to receive their carpool decal for the semester.  Student account's will be adjusted once the applications are on file.   Deadline to drop parking is the same deadline as signing up for carpooling - Friday, August 26.

Carpool Fees

Two person carpool = $120.00 each student

Three person carpool = $80.00 each student

Four person carpool = $60.00 each student

(Regular parking fee per semester = $348.00 each student)

Deadline to sign up for carpooling: Fall 2016 = August 26; Spring 2017 = Jan. 27

See section on Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) for additional information.

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