Disability Accommodations

Loyola Law School complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended. These Acts prohibit discrimination on the basis of Disability.

Reasonable accommodations are available to meet the needs of individual students. In providing reasonable accommodations, the Law School reserves the right not to waive any requirements essential to the curriculum or to the Law School 's educational mission.

Committee on Disability Accommodations Issues

The Law School 's Committee on Disability Issues formulates general policy on Disability issues. It also establishes guidelines for decisions on individual accommodation requests. Determinations on requests for Disability Accommodations are made by the Office of Student Affairs, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Committee on Disability Issues.

Accommodation Request Procedure

A student may contact the Office of Student Affairs to request a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form or download a copy.

Form A of the RAR is completed by the student. Students are asked to provide information regarding his/her Disability as well as the accommodation(s) being requested. Students are also encouraged to provide information about any accommodations they received in undergraduate or graduate school.

Form B of the RAR is completed by the licensed healthcare professional or other licensed professional qualified to identify and document the student's Disability. Documentation supporting the existence of a Disability and substantiating the need for the accommodation(s) must be submitted with the RAR.

The completed RAR and all supporting documentation must be returned to the Office of Student Affairs.

In the case of those students with a learning disability who are seeking accommodation(s), professional testing and evaluation results must also be submitted for review.

All requests for reasonable accommodation of a learning disability or of attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) are automatically referred to the Law School 's professional consultant: the UCLA Psychology Clinic. The UCLA clinic will meet with the student and review the RAR. It is possible that additional testing may be necessary to enable the consultant to assess the request for accommodation.

When to Apply

Entering students are urged to submit the completed RAR during the first week of August.

Continuing students are urged to submit the completed RAR immediately.

The process of reviewing the application and accompanying documentation can be a lengthy one, especially where, as with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder, a consultant is involved, or where the accommodation(s) requested are extensive.

Because of the time needed for processing, documenting, reviewing, evaluating and approving accommodation requests, students should use all reasonable efforts to submit  examination accommodation requests requests six weeks prior to the first day of the start of the examination period. While the Law School will make its best effort to process a student’s petition for accommodation if submitted beyond that deadline, petitions received less than two weeks prior to the start of the exam period may be denied if there is insufficient time to gather and review the appropriate documentation, evaluate possible accommodations, or to implement an accommodation. 

Loyola Law School reserves the right to request independent evaluations before granting or extending a request for a reasonable accommodation. In addition, the Law School reserves the right to deny a request if the accommodation sought is not supported by the data in the assessment or documentation.


A wide range of accommodations are made available to students with documented disabilities. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Academic Schedule

  • Reduced course load
  • Flexibility in class scheduling

In-Class Accommodations

  • Access to class notes
  • Audiotaping of lectures
  • Front row seating

Adaptive Aids

  • Cassette recorders
  • Computer with scanner and speech synthesizer

Examination Accommodations

  • Additional time on examinations
  • Use of a computer
  • Private room
  • Large print examinations
  • Audiotaped examination questions
  • Dictating answers to examination questions to a transcriber
  • Food & medication in exam room
  • Braille printer
  • Large print monitor


All forms, documentation and correspondence related to the RAR are confidential and kept in a file separate from the student file. Information is shared with other Law School Departments in order to effectuate the accommodations (e.g., staff in the Office of Student Affairs, staff members involved in examination and accommodation arrangements).


If a student has a grievance or a complaint regarding a disability accommodation or related matter, it should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs. If the Office of Student Affairs is unable to resolve the matter informally, the student will have the opportunity to present his/her concerns to the Committee on Disability Issues. If the student is dissatisfied with the resolution of the matter by the Committee on Disability Issues, the student may then bring the matter to the Associate Dean for Faculty. If the Associate Dean is unable to resolve the matter informally or if the student is dissatisfied with the resolution, the student may make a written appeal to the Dean.

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