Loyola Law School is a non-smoking campus except in designated outdoor spaces. The desires of both smokers and non-smokers alike were contemplated while developing this policy and identifying appropriate smoking areas. In consultation with the SBA, three areas have been identified.

  1. Breezeway between Rains Library and the Casassa Building
    • The wooden benches closest to the entrance to the library mark the outermost boundary of this smoking area.
    • Tables and chairs with ashtrays are located within this breezeway indicating that this is an appropriate smoking area.
  2. Garden area near flag pole
    • On either side of the flag pole in the grassy area south of the basketball court, there are teak tables and chairs with ashtrays indicating that this is an appropriate smoking area.
    • This area was chosen because it was not in the path of travel and is an attractive, and hopefully comfortable, space.
  3. Patio space between Donovan Hall and the Girardi Advocacy Building (GAC)
    • The large planters on the outer end of this space mark the outermost boundary of this smoking area. Smokers must be behind these planters while smoking.
    • Two tables have been placed in this space with ashtrays to indicate this is an appropriate smoking area.
    • This area was chosen as a sort of "quick smoke" area to facilitate those smokers who wish to smoke during a short break on this side of campus and feel they don't have time to go to the flag pole area. However, space is somewhat limited here due to its proximity to buildings and walkways, as well as the sometimes inward blowing wind. Please be considerate of others in this area and use the flag pole alternative when feasible on this end of campus.

Smoking anywhere else on campus is prohibited. Please respect your fellow campus residents and adhere to this policy. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Anyone smoking outside of one of these areas may be asked by senior administrative personnel or security to relocate to a designated smoking area. If there is anything that can be done to improve these designated smoking areas, please share your ideas with your SBA representatives.

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