Payroll Direct Deposit

Automatic deposit of your payroll check to your checking and/or savings account (s) is available through our payroll system.  Please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and return it to the Fiscal Affairs Office; make sure to contact your banking institution for the correct Transit/Routing number.

Once the completed form has been received by Fiscal Affairs, your request will be processed on the next available payroll cycle.  Upon entry of your banking information into our payroll system, a pre-note process commences.  This process takes approximately one full payroll cycle.  For example, if we input your banking information during our January 15th pay date, it will go through the pre-noting process on that payroll, then on the January 31st pay date, your direct deposit would be in effect.  You will continue to receive a “live” check until the direct deposit is in effect.

Please note that if your banking information comes back rejected for any reason through the pre-note process, this could delay your direct deposit implementation.  If you have any questions regarding your direct deposit, please contact Rosie Branconier at (213) 736-8105.

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