Theme: The Evolving Legal Writing Classroom

Presentations might address the following:

  • LRW: It's more than a memo; bringing drafting, negotiations, oral communications, and electronic communications into the classroom.
  • Teaching with technology
  • Teaching to different learners
  • Expanding the LRW curriculum
  • Upper-level courses, writing across the curriculum, collaborating with clinics
  • Assessing what we do
  • Presentations which focus on teaching writing as a process: Critical reading, Rule formation, Research Plans, Outlining
  • Continuing to teach good writing skills in upper division courses
  • Collaborating with clinics and building on the externship experience
  • Preparing students to work with mid-level and senior attorneys; preparing students for solo practice
  • Developing teaching techniques that take into account not only the generational shift but also students’ cultural and legal traditions
  • ESL and EFL challenges; Collaborating with ASP
  • Where are legal markets going? And what skills will our students need?
  • Exercises and program innovations which prepare practice-ready students
  • Hot topics in teaching

Date: December 4, 2015

Site Chair: Carol Knoepfler