Theme: Taking it to the Next Level: Your Course, Your Program, Your Career

Presentations might address the following:

  • how to overhaul your course top to bottom;
  • how to fine-tune a particular module for the best teaching and learning experiences;
  • how to develop and implement a strategy for enhancing the status of your program at your school;
  • how to flourish in (or completely change) your school’s leadership model;
  • how to improve your program’s recognition in the academic community;
  • how to become a leader in your program, school, or academic community;
  • how to focus your professional identity as a teacher, scholar, or social justice crusader;
  • how to get recognized in your school and in the legal writing community; or
  • other hot topics in transforming legal education

Date: December 5, 2015

Site Chair: Tanya Bartholomew