Theme: Legal Writing Today: Modifying the Traditional Classroom to Meet Current Requirements

Presentations might address the following:

  • Meeting requirements for “experiential learning” through LRW
  • Meeting pedagogical requirements for more active learning in the LRW classroom
  • Meeting the needs of different learners in the LRW classroom
  • Meeting the demand for more “practice-ready” students
  • Building skills – creating exercises and assignments that prepare students for the global practice of law
  • Adapting to increasing international LL.M. enrollment in legal writing and other skills courses
  • Expanding the LRW curriculum
  • Upper-level courses, writing across the curriculum, collaborating with clinics
  • Hot topics in teaching
  • Please feel free to describe a different topic if you believe that it would fit within that theme

Date: December 4, 2015

Site Chair: Lybby Carroll